Macaw in Parque Historico

It wouldn’t be wrong to expect a history park in Guayaquil to be all about the history of the region. Parque Histórico is home to many old properties typical of the port city the turn of the 19th century. But Parque Histórico has another side to it, one a little more inviting to families with young children, a zoo.
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View of the coast from Otoy Farms

Otoy Restaurant and FarmsNever in my wildest dreams did I imagine visiting an organic farm on the Galapagos Islands. Like most of us, I only pictured wild animals and even wilder places. I didn’t think of human populations at all.

But the Galapagos is populated by more than 25,000 legal residents. Add 1,800 temporary residents and about 5,000 other people with irregular status and thats a lot of folks needing food, water, and shelter. It is expensive to ship food from the mainland. Therefore, many local farms not only survive but thrive in the highlands of each of the most populated islands.
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Quito with view of the Panecillo

Welcome to the three part series, Gateway to Ecuador. With three major airports that accept international flights, there are ample opportunities to use each gateway city as a base for exploration of the Ecuadorian mainland.
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Workshop at the Rose Hacienda

Roses on the Breakfast TableFor many years now, cut flowers, especially roses, have been one of Ecuador’s most important exports. Since living in Quito, I have enjoyed beautiful, fresh cut, and very affordable flowers in our home. So visiting a rose hacienda had been on my “Ecuador Bucket List” for quite a while. I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to visit Hacienda La Compania de Jesus in Cayambe.
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Ecuador’s dogs keep cropping up in post-earthquake news. From day one, when dogs were found guarding the remains of their owners’ homes, their stories became some of the most widely shared in social media circles. Here are some of the most shared:
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Puerto Viejo - Social Security Building

Life comes down to three items – food, water, and shelter.

And the best way for those living outside of Ecuador to get food, water, and shelter to people in need is to donate cash to organizations on the ground.

For those living in Ecuador, cash is still king for organizations that have the manpower to purchase and ship goods themselves. Cash lets the people in the know buy exactly what is needed. Cash also allows organizations to buy in bulk so that money can be used more effectively.

Let’s get down to the basics.
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Fuerza Ecuador!

The outpouring of help is very welcome here in Ecuador. Countries are sending supplies and people. Locals are asking to volunteer. Every grocery store in most major towns have donation locations to collect supplies to send them where they are most needed. But things are still somewhat chaotic. This post will help you know how and where you can help best. Read More

Arriba Pedernales


Best Ways to Help Ecuador – from inside and out

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Pleurothallis micro-orchid

Some of the best orchids in Ecuador can be found on a small hillside just off the Highway 45 about 20 kilometers past El Chaco on the route towards Lago Agrio. A lone sign on the right side of the highway is the only advertisement leading you to the Orquideario San Cristóbal.

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Detail of Iglesia de Balbanera

Common sense would have you think that the oldest church in Ecuador is located in the historic center of present day Quito. After all, the world famous UNESCO site has some of the best preserved colonial buildings in all of South America.

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