Visiting the WaoraniAs I’ve travelled and lived in South America, I’ve learned that Americans come in all shapes and sizes, in many different cultures, and not all live in the United States of America. This travel and photography blog is about the uniqueness found throughout the Americas, both North and South.
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  2. Wow! You must be very well travelled. Sounds like you’ve been all over.

    We’re actually looking for some bloggers who are wanting to expand their audience by reviewing some places they’ve been on our site. Are you interested? We have very few reviews from South America, so your perspective would be highly valued. We also post links back to your site when you submit a place rating :)


    • Sounds compelling. Looks like you have a nice website. Drop me an email and you can tell me exactly what you’re looking for: angelajean4progress at gmail dot com.

  3. I’m an Army wife…25 years and counting, but we have only lived in the U.S. We did live in Hawaii for two years which was beautiful. I look forward to following your blog. Your pictures are stunning!! :)

    • Thanks so much!

      This last tour was a surprise… came about from a study abroad opportunity for my husband which turned into his current assignment. Not many military come to South America!

  4. Can’t find your email, so I’ll post it here and you can delete if you want. The news is saying there is a volcano going off south of Quito. Can you see the ash plume from where you are? email me if you want ok?

    • This volcano has been active for about 2 months and all I can figure is that the news cycle is a little slow in the US this weekend. We are safe and sound in Quito! Promise.

  5. Ok, my main blog here is “Fly Over Country” and I want to put certain posts on certain “subblogs” like “Behind the Wire” and “T F-ing Conversation”. What I seem to have done is created a New blog for the BTW blogs etc. Sorry to mess up your comments…email me if you want. ariannaeditrix@gmail.com

    • Don’t worry about it.

      What you want to make are pages. Each “sub-blog” is actually called a Page on WordPress. Links on your dashboard!

  6. Hiya! Yeah, I know, I vanished. Not my doing and I don’t know why DK banned me. I guess they don’t answer questions even in private. Any who, I’m on wordpress now and still shopping for another progressive area for an audience. I think you have my email? If so, email me, if not, bash me upside the head here! ;)

  7. Angie:You have big deposits in my Bank of Gratitude.When I met you I was exploring I was exploring politics as a “bucket list” project because I expected to hit “the checkout counter” soon, but as my surgeon told me when I asked him “how long do I have”? He said:You are very analytic & deductive but you haven’t figured out that you have some unfinished project waiting for closure and they don’t want you up there yet?I’m working on my final project prior to my “final exams” when I graduate to Nirvana & the cessation of needs and attachments.
    You showed me respect and accommodation for my condition, not condescension and pity.THANKS for allowing me to “come clean”

    • Wow. I never knew you felt that way Jose. We made a good team back in 2008. I’m glad you’re still working on your bucket list. I have a feeling you’ll be working for a while longer.

  8. Angie:If was a capable of envy I would envy you,because it looks that you found what in French is called “cherchez le crenau” :find your niche and fill it and you found happiness doing it.

    • Nice to hear from you Jose!

      We’ll see how well this niche sticks… side-effect of military life is that it is always changing but the internet is offering a type of stability I’ve never had before. Bizarre, isn’t it?

    • I love Sienna. It’s been years since I visited with my family. We chose Sienna over much larger cities in Italy because we were traveling with two little boys. It sure was a good choice. I would love to visit again – reading your blog will be the next best thing!

    • Looking forward to having you along for the ride! The time to moving is getting closer and I’m both nervous and excited. Thanks for following!

  9. Hi! My name is elizabeth and I am a graduate student at the London School of Economics. I’m currently writing my dissertation about military spouses and blogging, and would love to learn more about your blog. I was wondering if you might be willing to be interviewed for my research. I can give you more details via email, and would be happy to do so (I don’t want to leave a ridiculously long comment!). If this sounds like something you would like to be involved with, please let me know! You can comment back here, or email me at eliz DOT lockwood [@] gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you! All the best, elizabeth

  10. Hello DRAKE Family! I am happy to see that you made it out of the US before the new round of winter storms. I am putting the finishing touches on a paper for class, enjoying the kick of some Yerba Mate, and…thought of you all! I hope all is well. MIKO

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