The Tungurahua Province is famous for being home to an active volcano. Yet life goes on in a somewhat normal fashion, even when Tungurahua spews smoke and ash high into the atmosphere.

The most popular destination of Ecuadorians and international tourists in the Tuungurahua Province is Baños de Agua Santa (often called just Baños). Almost everyone is looking for some level of adventure, whether it comes from hiking trails in a region that is part Sierra and part Amazon Basin or ziplining across riverbeds and ravines. But Ecuadorians also come as a form of pilgrimage. The waters of Baños are considered sacred and bathing in them is not just a spa experience, but a religious one that harks back to a time before Spanish colonization.

This region is full of hidden treasures and, despite popularity with the international crowd, it is possible to find escape from the masses.

I hope these few pictures will encourage you to delve a little deeper into this beautiful province.


Last year, the Instituto Geografico Militar of Ecuador and I released a book of photography, Ecuador Por Mis Ojos. This post shares photos from that book.

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