I did something completely average on Tuesday morning – I joined thousands of other Washingtonians and DC Tourists and headed down to the Tidal Basin in hopes of catching peak Cherry Tree Blossoms. What I hope isn’t so average are the pictures I managed to take. If you’ve never had the chance to walk the Tidal Basin at Cherry Blossom time, then here’s your chance now… come walk with me!

My mom and I arrived at about 6am, barely finding one of the last parking places. The sky was just turning the prettiest color pink, getting ready for the theme of the day.

The sky faded as the sun rose higher then touched the water and horizon with a surreal pink glow.

With the sun came joggers!

And one lone yogi.

We started walking towards the MLK Memorial before the sun was fully up.

Though it was tough to get shots without people, it wasn’t impossible to find good views in between runners and other photographers.

And the sun arrives! Cherry blossoms are about to take on a whole new appearance.

With the sun came the glorious pinks at the far end of the Tidal Basin. We’re in between the FDR and MLK Memorials.

MLK was bathed in golden light as were the white cherry blossoms standing guard nearby.

A little further around the bend and we’re looking back at where we started. The sun has yet to warm this part of the path.

Cement, delicate cherry blossoms, and gorgeous green lawn. A stunning contrast between man-made and the natural beauty.

Taken from the bridge overlooking the Tidal Basin. I only wish I knew the young couple so I could send them a copy!

Looking back on the path – you can almost feel them opening even more fully as the sun rises higher in the sky.

The combination of Monument and Blossoms never failed to attract my camera lens. Every tree offered a new shot.

This is taken as we’re approaching the Jefferson Memorial. Pictures from this year will be unique because of the scaffolding on the Washington Monument.

Taken from across the water. I love that the MLK monument changes from a distance – the man becoming one with the mountain.

Full circle – looking down on the trail where we started at dawn – 2.5 hours later. Almost 300 pictures taken. I just love digital technology.

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