Fiestas Toros Populares

Fiesta Toros Populares de Píllaro, Tungurahua Province Founders Day in Píllaro includes traditional bullfighting as well as parades of musicians, folk dancers, and locals in native costume.

Paseo de Chagra

Paseo de Chagra, Machachi, Pichincha Province Chagras are cowboys who wear chaps of alpaca-hide and leather hats. They work the local ranches in the high paramo of the Pichincha Province […]

Fiestas Julianas, Guayaquil

Fiestas Julianas, Guayaquil, Guayas Province The city of Guayaquil celebrates the Saints Day of their patron Saint, Santiago el Mayor, on July 25th. Celebratory events are not constrained to a […]

Festival de las Virgen de las Nieves, Silcapa Viejo

Local residents of Silcapa Viejo celebrate the Virgin of the Snow for the entire month of August. Festivities include parades, a beauty pageant, and religious processions. As local guides and […]

Fiesta Kako Wiiñaë

Fiesta Kako Wiiñaë, Shushufindi, Sucumbios Province The Secoya Nation, an indigenous tribe located near the Aguarico River in Sucumbios, celebrate the beginning of the new year on the 24th and […]

Fiesta del Yamor

Fiesta del Yamor, Otavalo, Imbabura Province The Fiesta del Yamor of Otavalo highlights yamor, a traditional drink made of seven different varieties of corn. The weeklong festival provides plenty of […]

Fiesta de Jora

Fiesta de Jora, Cotacachi, Imbabura Province The Fiesta de Jora in Cotacachi celebrates corn and the production of chicha de jora. Activities include music, parades, exhibits and sports competitions. Look for […]

Fiesta del Maiz

Fiesta del Maiz, Sangolqui, Pichincha Province This huge festival is a little like the county fairs found around the United States. Farmers from the surrounding region converge in the town […]

Killa Raymi

Killa Raymi (September Equinox), Ecuadorian Sierra The September Equinox celebrations are called Killa Raymi in the Ecuadorian Andes. Many of the other festivals taking place during this month have roots […]

Fiesta de Mama Negra

Fiesta de Mama Negra, Latacunga, Cotopaxi Province The Fiesta de Mama Negra in the Cotopaxi Province originated after an eruption of the Volcano Cotopaxi. Local residents credited the Virgen de […]