March Equinox – Pawkar Raymi

The March Equinox holds special importance in the Andean calendar. Often celebrated as the Andean New Year, festivals and community gatherings generally take place on the weekend closest to March […]

Urban Birdwatching In Quito During Quarantine

Have you heard or seen birds from your window while stuck at home during quarantine? Here's your chance to learn which birds are visiting your home! Urban Birdwatching In Quito […]

Fiesta de Kasama

Santo Domingo de Tsachilas Santo Domingo de Tsachilas

Fiesta de Kasama, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Province In early April, the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchila celebrates the Fiesta de Kasama, a celebration of the New Year. […]

Fiesta Agricola, Riobamba

Fiesta Agricola (Agricultural Fair), Riobamba, Chimborazo Province In celebration of the importance of farming to the Chimborazo Province, the town of Riobamba holds a festival to celebrate local agriculture.

Fiesta de Chonta, Archidona

Fiesta de Chonta, Archidona, Napo Province The Fiesta de Chonta revolves around the importance of the palm fruit, chonta, to the Napo Province and the native peoples of the Oriente. […]

Fiesta de la Chirimoya

Fiesta de la Chirimoya, Puná, Guayas Province Every year in May, residents of the Isla Puna celebrate the harvest of the chirimoya, a fruit sometimes called the custard apple in […]

Batalla de Pichincha

Batalla de Pichincha, Quito, Pichincha Province The commemoration of the famous Battle of Pichincha celebrates the Ecuadorian national day of independence from Spain. A colorful gathering of traditionally-uniformed cadets from […]

Fiestas Toros Populares

Fiesta Toros Populares de Píllaro, Tungurahua Province Founders Day in Píllaro includes traditional bullfighting as well as parades of musicians, folk dancers, and locals in native costume.

Paseo de Chagra

Paseo de Chagra, Machachi, Pichincha Province Chagras are cowboys who wear chaps of alpaca-hide and leather hats. They work the local ranches in the high paramo of the Pichincha Province […]

Fiestas Julianas, Guayaquil

Fiestas Julianas, Guayaquil, Guayas Province The city of Guayaquil celebrates the Saints Day of their patron Saint, Santiago el Mayor, on July 25th. Celebratory events are not constrained to a […]