This is a guest post by author and biologist Fernanda Salazar Vaca. She sells handy field guides for Ecuadorian birds, plants, and animals and makes delivery easy to your hotel or home in Quito.

Welcome to Mega-Diverse Ecuador!

A country full of birds, orchids, bears, culture, and beauty, all at the center of the world

Bird are the most studied and observed group of animals in the world. Their fantastic colors and their ability to fly, as well as the ease of finding them, make birdwatching a beloved and addictive pastime! Despite our rich culture, many tourists come to Ecuador just for the wildlife! Ecuador is home to approximately 431 species of mammals and 1,640 species of birds, including a hummingbird recently discovered in the Oro Province, the Blue-throated Hillstar.

For this reason, if you are a keen observer of nature, you will want to arrive in Ecuador well prepared for wildlife watching.

About Fernanda

My name is Fernanda Salazar Vaca, a biologist by training who leads birdwatching tours and works as an outdoor educator. Thanks to my mother, I am a bird lover. I will maintain that love until the day I die (if the winged beings do not chase me to the next world!).

My colleague Daniel Suárez and I, with our group Motmot Birds and Nature, join naturalist and birdwatching trips, biodiversity workshops, and environmental education. Furthermore, I support a volunteer organization, Aves Quito, whose objective is to encourage the observation of birds, especially in the city, in order to protect their habitats

Fernanda Salazar Vaca with Motmot Birds & nature on a trip to the Amagusa Reserve. They saw 51 species of birds in one day!
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Ecuadorian Children Admiring the Field Guides

About the Field Guides

If you are a naturalist or a birdwatcher, you might like to know that I sell books that cover much of the biodiversity in Ecuador. These include field guides on birds, hummingbirds, mammals, and butterflies. I also offer an edition on the fauna of Ecuador. It is slightly more scientific in tone than the average field guide.

Furthermore, I can make it easier for you to purchase these guides without ever having to look in a bookstore. I can deliver them directly to your door (house or hotel, apartment or hostel!).

Here are a list of the books and their prices, including delivery in Quito:

Ecología de Mariposas del Ecuador

Ecología de Mariposas del Ecuador

2012, Xavier Silva



Field Guide of Ecuadorian Mammals (Spanish and English versions)

2017, Diego Tirira

$ 45


Hummingbirds of Ecuador: A Field Guide

Robert Ridgely and Murray Cooper


Field Guide to the Hummingbirds

Field Guide to the Hummingbirds

2016, Miles McMullan


Elogio de las Cocinas Tradicionales del Ecuador

Elogio de las Cocinas Tradicionales del Ecuador

2017, Julio Pazos Barrera.


Flora Alausensis

Flora Alausensis

2018, Carlos Ruales


Filed Guide, Birds of Ecuador

Field Guide of the Birds of Ecuador

2017, Miles McMullan & Lelis Navarrete


Plantas Silvestres de los Valles Secos cercanos a Quito, Guía Ilustrada

Plantas Silvestres de los Valles Secos cercanos a Quito, Guía Ilustrada

2013, Catalina Quintana


How To Order Books

If you have any questions or are looking for other Ecuadorian books related to nature, please contact:

Fernanda Salazar Vaca
Telephone: +593-98-991-4922 

The following PDF contains more information about each book.

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