Privacy Policy

Last Modified December 19, 2017

Not Your Average American is built on communication – finding ways to share information between North and South America. That means sharing lots of information including photos, videos, and details about trips and tours. Here is our privacy policy in everyday language. No lawyerese.

Information We Collect

There are two basic ways we collect information:

  • Information that you give to us.
  • Information that is publically available.

Here is a little more explanation of each of these.

Information that you give to us.

When you interact with our website, you have the option to sign up as a member, a guide, or a business. We ask you for a lot of basics, like where you work, what your specialties are, or what your travel interests might be. Some information we require (like an email address) and other information is voluntary (like your education). We ask for lots of information, especially from guides, so that we can help better market your services.

Information that is publically available.

Many of our users are also business owners. They run websites, have Facebook pages, Flickr Accounts, etc. We will use that public information to increase our knowledge of those businesses so that we can better offer services that help connect your business to potential clients. We also search out client information, though most of this is accomplished without ever tying an individual account to a purchasing behavior. Understanding our customers is key to helping Ecuadorian business owners offer a better product.

Most of our information comes from using Google Analytics on our website. This tool helps us know how many visitors we have on any given day, country of origin, how old they are, and what their likes and dislikes might be. This information is never tied to individual names or accounts. To prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics, not just on our page but others as well, please install this opt-out browser add-on:

Why We Are Providing This Policy

We are in the stages of growing and, in doing so, getting our feet very wet. As we begin to add tools, like Instagram, we find that it is important to also grow into our role as a business rather than a blog. And I say we because my team will grow but for the moment, this is essentially a one-woman operation. To the best of my ability, I will use the infomation gathered to help further the mission of Not Your Average American – to better connect South American tourism operators, especially the smallest businesses and community tourism projects, with North American clients.

If at any time you have questions about this policy, please contact me.