Ecuador is the muse of many a wildlife photographer. Each successful shot of the never-ending list of species or stunning panoramas feeds an addiction. For photographer, Humberto Castillo, the addiction was so great that after his first visit to the sub-tropical jungles of the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin in 2015 he moved from his home in Temuco, Chile and established himself in Tena, Ecuador.

Humberto Castillo

Born in Temuco, Chile in 1987, Humberto Castillo is primarily a self-taught photographer. He began photographing with a Canon T3i 5 years ago but only started focusing on wildlife three years ago, after taking a couple of classes in wildlife photography in Chile. Ironically, his favorite lens is a Canon 100mm f/2,8L macro, requiring shots at a fairly close range. For distance, he prefers a 400mm.

Today, Humberto says he specializes in photos of wild birds but his work shows an obvious ability to photograph all kinds of wild animals. In fact, many of his best shots are of amphibians and reptiles of the Amazon.

He loves the ease of traveling in Ecuador, where a trip from the highest Andean paramo down through thick cloud forests and into the sub-tropical Amazon Basin, seeing multiple iconic species along the way, takes only a couple of days. Of course, a great trip almost always lasts longer!

For Humberto, the Amazon Basin is his favorite place in Ecuador. While he loves the diversity of animals, he really appreciates the good weather and kind people. He has no plans on leaving anytime soon, at least not before he photographs three emblematic species that yet allude him: the Jaguar, the Harpy Eagle, and the Venomous Pit Sniper

If you are interested in purchasing photography from Humberto, please contact him via his WildLapse Facebook page, by email at, or by phone at +593-99-877-1809.