Celebrate Inti Raymi in Zuleta, Ecuador


Here’s your chance to experience a very special Inti Raymi festival! Our group will visit a small community near the Hacienda de Zuleta and share a day full of activities. We will learn about the artisans of Zuleta and their beautiful hand-embroidered goods, share a traditional lunch prepared by a local family, and join the priostes de gallo as they decorate their horses in brightly colored ribbons, flags and regalia used for the mid-afternoon procession. This will be a day to immerse yourself in the unique culture of the Andean Sierra with the very people who know it best.



Inti Raymi in Zuleta – Saturday, June 24, 2017

Come join the celebration of Inti Raymi in the small, Sierran town of San Juan de Zuleta!

Considered one of the most important festivals of the year in Zuleta, La Festival de La Rama de Gallos combines celebrations of the summer solstice festival, Inti Raymi, and the Feastday of Saint John the Baptist. This mixture of indigenous and Catholic traditions is practiced throughout the Sierra of Ecuador and has a long history in the communities of the Imbabura Province. You are invited to share this special day with families who have practiced this tradition for generations.

Our Day

Our guide, Jacquie Granda, and driver will pick you up in Quito early on Saturday, June 24, 2017 (exact schedule to be announced after pick-up order is determined).

We will arrive in San Juan de Zuleta at about 10am and start our visit with a tour of a local workshop where we will learn about the style and technique of embroidery famous to this region. We will also hear about the traditions behind La Rama de Gallos (the Branch of Roosters) and how the indigenous festival of Inti Raymi became intertwined with the Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist.

Our invitation to San Juan de Zuleta includes sharing a traditional lunch in the home of a local family.

After lunch, we will visit some neighboring homes where the priostes de gallo, people charged with fulfilling the traditions of the festival, ready the horses with brightly colored ribbons, flags, mirrors, and other adornments. We will walk with them as they join fellow celebrants at the Hacienda de Zuleta where everyone will arrive dressed in local costume, carrying oranges and roosters, leading the colorfully dressed horses, all while accompanied by musicians playing musica zuleta on guitars.

We will return to Quito in the early evening.

Costs included in this day trip:

Visit to the Workshop

Visit to Homes of the Priostes de Gallo

A Traditional Lunch prepared by a Local Family

Visit to the Hacienda Zuleta

Local Guide and English-speaking Guide

Transportation to and from Quito – Zuleta 

Cost per adult: $90

Cost per child 6-12: $60

Not recommended for children under 6 years old

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