Services for Guides

Are you a tourism guide in Ecuador? Do you specialize in specific types of tours? Do you already have satisfied customers but are looking for more? Then let us promote you! Here are some of the services we offer:

Guide Registry

We have a guide registry. It works a little like a social media website. Guides post their photos and business information. Customers can leave reviews about their experiences. And potential customers can search for a guide who would make a good match for their proposed trip. Currently, this advertising service is free for our members.

Blogging Platform

We have a popular blog with a dedicated audience. You can write articles in either Spanish or English. Your profile picture will appear at the end of the article. Our staff will provide translation to the alternate language. Your article will be widely shared and read via our social media accounts.  This service is free for our members.

Events Calendar

We provide an Ecuador-wide events calendar. Guides can advertise local festivals. Guides can advertise local trips and tours. This service is free for our members.


If a potential client asks about your services, we will provide a WhatsApp or Skype introduction. This service is free to members.

Regional Briefs

We will include your contact information in the regional brief for your province. These briefs are short reports about each province in Ecuador and include seasonal weather concerns, off-the-beaten-path tourism opportunities, holidays, festivals and celebrations, culture and customs, and the latest security updates. This service is provided to guides who have a 3- star or higher ranking on our website.

If you have just a quick question, send an email or join our online forum

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