Services for Travelers

Have a quick question like which airport in the Galapagos is best? Can I drive from Quito to Cuenca in one day? Where can I see Andean Condors? Send an email or join our online forum. But if you have more than a couple of questions, you might want to consider some of our services:

One-On-One Consults

One-hour telephone consults to answer all your questions. A written recap with a list of handy resources included. Travel consultations are $95/hour.

Itinerary Design

You love the idea of traveling to Ecuador but are overwhelmed by options. One week itineraries tailored to your needs start at $200 and include a one-hour consultation.


If you find a guide on our registry who looks like a good fit, we can e-introduce you before your trip. This gives you the chance to test language barriers, confirm common interests, and feel comfortable about your choice. Free to members.

Regional Briefs

Looking for general information about your trip? We provide reports by province including seasonal weather concerns, off-the-beaten-path tourism opportunities, holidays, festivals and celebrations, culture and customs, and the latest security updates. Discounted for members.

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